Casa Node + Casa Gold Membership

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Get your Casa Gold membership and pay with Bitcoin! Want to pay with a credit card? Head over to our new website and checkout there.


Before you purchase Casa Gold with Bitcoin:

1. Make sure you've signed up for a Casa account; if you haven't, do so here.

2. Come back to this page and complete your purchase. Use the same billing email as your Casa account email.

3. We'll upgrade you to Gold status in the Keymaster app shortly after your Bitcoin payment is confirmed. We'll reach out to you with any issues, or feel free to email with questions.



Your Casa Node will ship approximately 2-4 weeks after ordering.


*Applicable VAT and customs charges not included in price.


Casa Gold Membership includes:

- One year of Keymaster app access. Includes 2 of 3 Basic Multisig with unlimited recovery transactions. 
- 1 Casa Node
- 1 Trezor One
- 1 surprise from Casa 


Shipping details:

Pay in BTC only. Want to pay with a credit card? Head to our new website.